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I'll guess I'll just be fat forever..

Getting started with a healthier lifestyle is hard. So when you decide to finally pull the trigger and start buying more spinach to leave in the bottom drawer to rot with all your good intentions- it would be nice to get the results you want. But your partner started the same day as you and even though it’s only been an hour since y’all started- they already hit their goal weight. SO HAPPY FOR YOU

Take a deep breath and repeat after me- "it’s not my fault"

That’s right we’re blaming others. The ones that tell you that this diet, this exercise, this waist trainer, this pill- it’ll work this time! You already know it’s not going to. But how do you lose weight when you’ve tried all of this and a calorie deficit and almost everything else?

Stop doing so much! If you go into trying to improve your health with only weight loss as your goal you might have a tougher go at it. My body and your body don’t hold fat the same. My body and your body need different amounts of calories, nutrients, and exercise to be healthy. So naturally you and I cannot expect the same results while making this lifestyle change.

Realistic changes made over time will get you far better results that will actually stick. It’s easier to change a few of your snack choices than it is to completely change your entire diet. Losing weight and becoming a healthier human takes time. It’s impossibly slow at times and it doesn’t really make sense. But what in life does? Just know that future you will never be mad that you now decided to make better choices. Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t stop now. 1 day at a time. 1 moment at a time. 1 exercise at a time. 1 meal at a time. You got this!

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