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Day 365

I got serious about getting serious about getting healthy in 2020- yeah I was one of those. When I started I was all about picking a challenge every month and adding it into my routine. For example one month I picked jumping jacks but I increased by 10 everyday. That was a long month. Very long. I also had some longer term goals. Like daily yoga. And I was doing so well. Until I wasn’t.

Last autumn was a difficult one, my depression was very present and very loud. My life basically stopped and along with it, yoga. Goodbye long term goals, we barely knew you.

After a brief hiatus, a trip to the doctor, and a whole lot of self motivation I pulled myself out of it enough to bring back yoga. And then everyday after that, I just did. Every morning I rolled out my mat and immediately went into child’s pose and pep talked myself into pressing start on my app.

I didn’t make a new yoga goal after failing my first one. It wasn’t just a goal. I know I feel better after doing it. I don’t necessarily want to do it everyday, but I also don’t want to get out of bed everyday and I make myself do that. What’s one more thing?

Throughout this year I’ve continued to work on improving myself and yoga has been a big part of that. I’ve learned how to be calm on the inside and suddenly navigating life became a little easier. When things get a bit much, I can center myself. I can bring myself to that feeling I have after yoga. Most of the time.

So somehow by not making yoga a priority it became as much a part of my day as brushing my teeth. It’s just what I do. Maybe yoga isn’t your ‘just what I do’ maybe it’s MMA or duck calls. Whatever it is- may you be able to find that moment of inner peace when you need it most. Also have you tried yoga yet?

credit: @itsmelissb

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