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Are you living "Simply Happy?"

The podcast Simply Happy with Simply Oli, is a podcast all about self empowered improvements. The podcast is produced by Olivia Reiman, or Oli. In each of these average twenty minute episodes, she describes situations she has been through and how she coped or grew from them, with hopes of helping you the same way. The "about" section of this podcast is as follows: "Simply Happy is your go-to for self empowered living. Learn about mental health, mindset, self love, emotional wellness, personal development, and taking control of your life. Even learn tips to overcome bipolar, anxiety, & depression! It's everything you need to know to embody freedom, confidence, ambition, and happiness." In her opener of every episode she says, "As someone who has overcome bipolar, depression, anxiety, and more I'm a firm beliver you have the power to ot let any circumstance to hold you back" and she explains how she navigates life.

She has 210 epsidoes and they are very inspirational. In one epsidoe, she explains three tools to calm your anxiety and look at life differently. She explains using these tools just like camera settings. The first being cinematic in the sense of removing yourself from your current situation and looking at it from a cinematic view. She uses the example of when you are driving thinkning of how it would look in a movie. Viewing the car from outside going down the road and noticing every detail you can.

The next "setting" is zoom. Either zoom in or out, zooming in to notice a small detail like how an object infront of you glistens in the sunlight. Zooming out to see the city as you are driving and even says how you can notice things up to a google earth view. The best way to think about this is, when you are in your head, overthinking, doubting, anxious.. focus on something and look at it from a different view, if nothing else it is a distraction but it can also help you work through things as you look from different sides. Often times when we are in our heads, overthinking something, we let whatever the issue is take full control over us. We become victim to a giant beast when in all reality there is nothing there. You may walk into a crowded room and immediately feel as though all eyes are on you with judgemental glances and smirks. The truth behind this matter is if someone did look at you it is because you are a being that entered the room and it's habit, they are looking at you but 99% says it was nothing of a judgmental stance, or they were looking behind you even; not AT you.

We often let our fears cloud all stances of judgement when if we can be in the know with our fears and learn how to speak to them we can exist in a much more simple..or..happy way. If you are afriad to be looked at when walking into the room you can either make it a physical or mental battle to win. If you are wanting to make it a victory phsyically either come in with a bang and make it a good look that you are recieving, or you can come in in the middle of a group and you will feel less likely to be singled out because of course they are going to look up at the group walking in the door. If you would like a mental approach, this one can be a little more tough, but you can reassure yourself "they arent looking at me", "theres nothing wrong with me", "if i was already in the room i would look up when someone else walked in too". There are a few different ways to go about it, but reassuring thoughts can truly help you if you do it constantly. The podcaster mentioned this in a way of zoom in or zoom out. In this example you are walking into a crowded room and afraid someone is looking at you. Zoom out, see the whole room, from this stance you can see where movement is, where their attention may actually be, or if it is habit for them to look up when someone enters the room. Zoom in, you can either walk in and ultrafocus on an item across the room to where you do not even see the faces of others in that room which alleivates that issue, or zoom in on something on yourself in a positive way, "Oh I bet she is looking at my super cute new purse." All of these are just off of one example but you can relate it back to many different aspects of your life. The mind is all an illusion...an illusion ran by fear.

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